KOEL Stories

Crafts Envy: Join the Tribal Gang

KOEL Stories

From intricate patterns ranging from Aztec to Ikat and tapestries with fierce hues, indigenous groups has preserved the craft of fibre art since ages ago. With the rise of the modern tribal trend, we have noticed many yarns crafters drawing inspiration from tribal communities and injecting a modern twist into their craft with the use of primal shapes, earthy colors and ethnic embellishments. We picked out 9 fibre arts inspired by the nomadic tribes and faraway lands for you to join in the tribal gang..

No. 1: Woven tapestries by Two Hands Textile Studio

No. 2: Woven tapestry by Sarah Neubert

No. 3: Abandonment weave by The Winter Phoenix

Tribal Gang_Studio Nom_Koel Stories.jpg

No. 4: Macrame Wall Hanging by Studio Nom

No. 5: Woven tapestries by Native Line

Tribal Gang_Lesh Loom_Koel Stories.jpg

No. 6: Woven necklaces by Lesh Loom

Tribal Gang_Tribe and True_Koel Stories.jpg

No. 7: Woven rug by Tribe + True

Tribal Gang_ Noma Macrame.jpg

No. 8: Macramé wall art by NomaMacrame

Wayuu Cushion_Koel Stories.jpg

No. 9: Wayuu Cushion Pattern by Monique Dijkman