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Crafts Envy: Dazzle Me

KOEL Stories
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We’re sure you’ve heard of the saying “All that glitters is not gold”. But in this particular theme of Crafts Envy, we’d like to dispute this claim because in the world of fiber art, all that is gold really does glitter! We went in search of works that might dazzle you and found 5 designs that are just as precious as they are sparkly. Embroideries laced with gold lamé and gleaming sequins (and imbued with precision and hard work!), they truly are a sight to behold.

1. Hand-stitched embroidery by @no615mca

Dazzle Me_Koel Stories 3.jpeg

2. Hand-stitched embroidery hoop by @sewoveryou

Dazzle Me_Koel Stories 4.jpeg

3. Hand-stitched embroidery by @hannyembroidery

4. Woven wall hanging by @houseoffringe

Dazzle Me_Koel Stories 6.jpeg

5. Woven wall hangings by @gatherhandwoven