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Crafts Envy: Three Cheers for Triptych

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Good things come in threes. Or at least that’s how we like to believe it. We’ve got the three musketeers, the rule of three in writing, and what we’ll be focusing on for today’s Crafts Envy — Triptych. The word tri- means “three” in Latin and Greek, and may be used to describe three paintings or anything with three parts integrated into a single unit. Yarn makers have incorporated this idea into their fiber art, resulting in an extremely spectacular and grand embellishment. Although three times the effort (and amount of yarn) are required to create a triptych pattern, the satisfaction and joy reaped reflects just as much. Let’s give it up for 5 triptych patterns we found on Instagram that you can’t help but applaud to!

Crafts Envy Triptych 1.jpg

1. Triptych macramé by @thedancingtapestry

2. Woven triptych piece by @janelle_pietrzak

3. Woven wall hanging by @hollymuellerhome

4. Woven 3 piece set by @theriverhazeshop

5. Woven triptych piece by @maryannemoodie