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Crafts Envy: Take The Floor

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If we’re being honest, it’s not a requisite to have an extra piece of fabric lying on the floor. It takes up space and is yet another item you have to clean and dust regularly. So if you’re determined to have one in your home, it better look good, and feel good. Making one yourself is the best way to ensure its softness and aesthetic matches your preference and home interior. But if you require a little jump-start, we’ve picked out 6 floor textile crafted using different yarn techniques to ignite some creative spark and get you going!

image-asset (1).jpeg

1. Crocheted Doily Rug by @zuri_house

2. Hand Knit Rug by Parachute

3. Woven rugs by @anaisabeltextiles


4. Macrame rug by @makramawallhanging

5. Crochet rug by Irene Hoofs featured in KOEL Magazine Issue 2

image-asset (2).jpeg

6. Knitted circle rug by @woolartdesign