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Crafts Envy: Dip-Dye Tapestry

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Getting tired of your classic off-white macrame wall hangings? We’ve found a way to spice them up without having them replaced with a new art piece. With dip-dyeing, you can now customise ropes to your liking, playing around with different color schemes and incorporating gradients and dimension into your tapestry. And not to mention, the delight that comes with experimenting with natural dyeing ingredients - no color will ever turn out the same! We’ve handpicked eight captivating dip-dyed macrame wall hangings, so jump right in! (P.S. If you’d like to learn how to create your own natural dye, we teach you how in KOEL Magazine Issue 2! Get them on print or digital here.)

1. Dip-dyed wall hanging by @vita_boheme_studio


2. Dip-dyed wall hanging by @inspirebykelsey

3. Dip-dyed wall hanging by @leloboho

4. Dip-dyed macrame wall hanging by @whiskerrow

5. Dip-dyed macrame wall hangings by @sagelanedesigns

6. Dip-dyed macrame wall hanging by @stillcraftco

image-asset (4).jpeg

7. Dip-dyed wall hanging by @modernyarn

image-asset (5).jpeg

8. Dip-dyed tapestry by @theboholoft