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KOEL Magazine Issue 8 Is Here!

KOEL Stories

Between settling in to our new space in Singapore and getting the old KOEL team back together, we’ve been working, rather discreetly, on our next issue. It’s been a long wait, but the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. We proudly present to you our newest addition, KOEL Issue 8, unifying fiber art, interior design and lots of flora inside 176 pages of refreshing content. Packed with even more stunning photography, stylish patterns and creative ways to spice up your yarn projects. So what are you waiting for? Get your copy of Issue 8 on our online site or find a stockist near you.

If you have yet to hear the wonderful news, KOEL now offers international shipping rates at a significantly reduced cost. We see this as the opportune time for you to grab Issue 8 along with other popular back issues in our magazine bundles!


In our latest issue, we go completely off pattern with our crafting endeavours, discovering after countless near disastrous attempts that most good things really do come after the storm. You’ll see what we mean as we play around with bolder color choices and test out new ways to add texture into our yarn projects, though, of course, with the help of some very special fiber artists. There is so many good stuff to pick up and feast upon in Issue 8 - Lindsey Campbell teaches us the mesmerizing diamond twill weave technique, learn to knit your own exquisite Bamburgh Cardigan from knitwear designer Joanne Storie, and find inspiration to incorporate different materials into your weaves with our dear friend Hila Eshel.


Bringing to you page after page of stunning photography, the loveliest craft tools and featured stories on international makers including Wendy Viel, Kristine Thenman and Lucy Rowan. If that isn’t enough good news for one day, plant lovers are in for a treat as we present a ton of exclusive botanical-themed patterns from Irene Saputra, Kasia Jacquot, and Vorn Vann. Green thumbs (and those lack thereof) rejoice!


For the final course, we’re serving up a yarn special packed with information on different kinds of wool, the yarn making process and choosing the right yarns for your projects, as well as KOEL’s newest handspun yarn creations.


We hope you enjoy KOEL. Now onto the next issue!

Photo Credits: KOEL Magazine