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Crafts Envy: Weaving In Rounds

Crafts Envyirene hoofs

Looking very much like dreamcatchers made out of yarns, circular weaves are spiralling all over the Internet with many weavers opting for a round loom now. Circular weaving uses the same techniques as straight loom weaving, which explains why it's easy to be taken up by anyone who already have an experience in weaving. The only difference: you start at the centre and work your way outwards, creating spiral like patterns. We picked out some of our favorite circular woven pieces we found on Instagram that might convert you into weaving in rounds instead!


No 1: Circular Weaves by Julie Robert


No 2: Circular Weaves via Color Pastello


No. 3: Circular Weaves by @laurenemooney


No. 4: Circular Weaves by Warped Threads


No. 5: Circular Weaves by The Unusual Pear


No. 6: Circular Weaves by Kelly Chapman