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KOEL Interiors: Refresh Your Entryway

KOEL Interiorsirene hoofs

What is the most important aspect of your home? For the KOEL team, after much deliberation we concluded in unison that our pick got to be the entryway of our homes. Entering our home abode with ease and order after a long tiring day is instantly calming for us we think - a place where we know we can get much comfort and familiarity from! Not to forget, isn't our entryway the first thing that our guests see when they arrive? Here are some beautiful home spaces that we are greeted with today! It's great to decorate them with a handmade yarn accessory we think (why not try a hanging weave or macrame art?), or perhaps a statement mirror to check yourself out before stepping out of the house...

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What are your necessities for an entryway?