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Latch Hooking: The Rising Craft

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Knitting, weaving, crocheting … these are all familiar terms, even amongst the newer yarn lovers (and hey, if you are new to yarn, we’d like to wish you a warm welcome!) – but latch hooking is still a concept and activity that is still very foreign to many of us. Latch hooking is a type of yarn craft that yields a shaggy, furry finish displayed on the surface of the artwork. This design effect is achieved by having short pieces of yarn tied or “hooked” onto individual squares of a canvas grid to create a patterned piece.

Originally fabricated as a cheaper alternative to machine-making rugs, latch hooking was spun to create a usually small piece of rug though the finished pieces may vary in size. The artwork is then hung on a wall instead of being an actual floor covering.

A latch hook craft kit normally consists of a heavy-duty plastic canvas grid with a pattern printed, pre-cut pieces of yarn, and the needle or “hook” used to attach the yarn. The hook is similar to that of a crochet needle – except for the hinged pin that closes the hook around the yarn. The yarn and needle then gets inserted through the square and pulled back via the same square as the yarn is hooked onto the needle, before being firmly tied on. It may sound a little confusing now, but latch hooking is in fact one of the simplest form of yarn crafting – even kids can learn!

This rising yarn craft is making a comeback with many artists opting for quirky, fun, geometric designs making latch hook pieces a familiar sight on interior decor pages of Pinterest and Instagram alike. The works of Renilde De Peuter is a fine example of contemporary works of latch hooking. The trend of Moroccan Boucherouite rugs also bolsters the popularity of latch hooking designs with its often bright, bold colours.

In fact, the results of an enormous latch hooking rug piece best shows the beautiful finish it can produce, though projects like this may take months or even years to complete! A more conservative way of introducing latch hooking rugs into the home is to use it simply as a hanging wall display in your favourite area of the house, or as cushions – perfect for fall with the soft, shaggy feel.