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Crafts Envy: Bobblepop

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Some call it the popcorn stitch, others refer to it as a cluster stitch. But us? We’ll go with the bobble stitch, because doesn’t the word appear and sound just adorable? It’s easier than it seems to go about crocheting this fun and all-rounded pattern (and not to mention the yarn it consumes!), but it’s not slowing down fiber artists from picking it up. So here’s a bobble or two that might blow you away and perhaps, get you moving to create your own puffy piece!

No. 1: Bobble crochet cushion by Irene Hoofs (as seen in KOEL Magazine Issue 5)

Bobble_Koel Stories_12.jpg

No. 2: Bobble crochet wall hanging by Debrosse

No. 3: Bobble crochet blanket by @daisyfarmcrafts

No. 4: Bobble crochet cushion by @rubywebbscrochet

No. 5: Bobble crochet sweater and pouf by @lululoves_uk

No. 6: Bobble crochet iPad cover by Jeanette Bøgelund Bentzen