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Crafts Envy: Add Color to Your Macramé

KOEL Stories

Most macramé designs you’ve seen tend to come in one solid shade, and very rarely you’d see them in two differing colors. They look good at the simplest and cleanest state, but if you’re ever up to add more zest and vibrancy into your macramé pieces, then you got to master this knot – Vertical Clove Hitch. The Vertical Clove Hitch Knot incorporate colors into compositions, and though this hitch requires practice and lots of determination, the results are endearing and more alive than ever.  So without further ado, here are macramé designs by 5 fiber artists to impel you to create your own pictorial design! 

No. 1: Leaf macramé wall hanging by @katiegeorgemacrame

crafts envy go knotty 3.jpg

No. 2: Pineapple macramé wall hanging by @tieoneoncreative

No. 3: Macramé wall hanging by @vital_matter_studio

No. 4: Macramé wall hanging by @sawdust_and_sage

crafts envy go knotty 1.jpg

No. 5: Heart macramé wall hanging by @astringballad