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Crafts Envy: 3 Free Motion Stitched Textile Art

Crafts Envyirene hoofs

We are shining the spotlight on embroidery artists that work wonders with treads and machine. We like to think free motion stitching as free-hand drawing on paper, but with the machine needle as your pen and fabric as the canvas. It sure takes a lot of practice to have perfect control over the speed and direction of the needle to create patterns as intricate as the ones you see below. We salute to all the artists in this field! Go on and admire these 3 free motion stitched textile art that we are swooning over...

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No. 1: Machine Emboridery by Akasuki Designs

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Copy of freemotion-4.jpg

No. 2: Embroidered Installations by Amanda Mccavour

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No. 3: Machine Embroidery by Nike Schroeder