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Crafts Envy: 5 Yarn Arts That Speaks Volumes

Crafts Envyirene hoofs
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Well to all the advocates for the phrase "less is more", we believe these yarn art might just as well convert you. Think thousands yards of yarn for a single macrame piece or using rovings (yes rovings!) for embroidery. Here's 5 yarn art that speaks volumes – literally in terms of their sheer size and woolliness, and (figuratively) of the amazing talent of the crafters who made them! Be prepared to be blown away as you scroll further down...

No. 1: Wall Hangings by Holly Mueller

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No. 2: Weavings by Julie Robert 

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No. 3: Weavings by Meghan Bogden Shimek

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No. 4: Embroidery by Elizabeth Pawle

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No. 5: Latch Hooked Wall Hangings by Vanessa Barragão