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Crafts Envy: Cactus Lovin'

Crafts Envyirene hoofs

Cacti are the 'koel' kids on the block now. They are sprawling all over Pinterest and Instagram in all sorts of forms. From interior wall papers, fashion accessories, and of course DIY crafts, they are regarded by many as the 'hipster aesthetic". So we figured it was time to gather all the cacti we can find in the yarn crafting world (and it seems like it's trending among many embroidery artists!)... After all, we have a feeling these prickly succulents ain't going anywhere any time soon! Browse further for more cacti-inspired embroidery work, we promise you won't get pricked (;

Copy of cactusloving-3.jpg
Copy of cactusloving-2.jpg

No. 1: Embroidery by TrueFort

Copy of cactusloving-4.jpg

No. 2: Embroidery by Caitlin Benson

Copy of cactusloving-5.jpg

No. 3: Embroidery by Madi Astolfi 

Copy of cactusloving-6.jpg

No. 4: Embroidery by Kristen Gula

Copy of cactusloving-7.jpg

No. 5: Embroidery by Creamente