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Crafts Envy: Low in Calories, High in Yarn

Crafts Envyirene hoofs
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No. 1: Herb Bouquets by Veselka Bulkan

You got to be amazed by what you can do with yarns... While scouring for inspirations today, we came across these few artist and makers around the globe, that have taken upon themselves to create food that is simply too pretty to eat. Even if you wish to eat them, you literally can't! Armed with just a needle and thread, these makers crochets, knits and sews Pinterest-worthy meals and edibles that not only blown us away, but, also got us a little hungry too! Make sure your stomach is full before scrolling further we say...

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No. 2: Comfort Food by Jessica Dance 

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No.3: Knitted Chilli by MapleApple

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No. 5: Knitted Vegetables by Jung Jung

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No. 6: Embroidered Bacon by Jessica Dance