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KOEL Finds: Madame Tricot's Fridge Full of Knitted Food

KOEL Stories

Fancy a fridge full of knitted food? Well, Madame Tricot has it covered for you.

DIY rag rug storage baskets – perfect for storing your yarn stash and craft supplies!

Want to challenge yourself with more complicated macramé knots? Try this French Sennit technique..

We think your crochet hooks will find a place in this pouch..

Beautiful Blooms and Hand Lettered Embroideries..

Get on with the aztec pattern trend with this embroidered DIY necklace..

Our pick for the week: this shaggy pillow..

In awe of this macramé wall hanging at GOOP Pop-Up Chicago..

Xo, The KOEL Team

Photo Credits: Andreas Müller Pathle

KOEL Finds: Tapestry Art by Ann Cathrin November Høibo

KOEL Stories

In awe of Ann Cathrin November Høibo's tapestry art..

If you are a pattern fanatic, we're sure this woven blanket will find it's place in your home..

We challenge you to master this shell crochet stitch!

Fancy adding some tribal vibes to your home?

Woven wall art that speak to the beauty of nature..

Interview with KOEL's editor-in-chef on Apartment therapy!

These embroidery brooches stole our hearts..

DIY plaited planter..

Xo, The KOEL Team