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KOEL Interiors: A look inside Sara Moreno's Home

KOEL Stories
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Super chunky knitted blankets, macramé magazine racks and woven tapestries… we were immediately swooned when we caught eyes of Sara Moreno’s a.k.a @fruto_samore home on Instagram. Aptly described by Sara as “eco chic or boho nordic”, her space is filled with a mix of fluffy and textural yarn accents that gives it its character. And what amazes us is that most (if not all) of the yarn accessories are made by herself!

One yarn accessory that stood out the most to us is none other than the super chunky knitted blanket. This insta-wrothy extra snug throw is hands down the easiest to decorate your home with. Simply drap it on your sofa or foot of the bed to add an instant dose of coziness to your space. Another major styling tip we picked up from Sara: choose a neural color palette for your yarn accessories. It will not only blend well with your other decor, but also serves as the great equaliser to pull together the overall look of your space.

Scroll further for a tour of her cozy home…

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Apart from being a mom and avid crafter, Sara is also the owner of Fruto Samore, a homemade design online store. She also shares her love for modern crafts through her blog, sharing DIY tutorials (you can learn how to make the macrame magazine rack here!) and more. So if you catch an item you fancy, you might be able to get it over at Fruto Samore.

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Photo Credits: Sara Moreno

KOEL Interiors: A look inside Amélie Zerr's Home

KOEL Stories
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Bohemian, vintage and contemporary decor all mixed into one cozy space. Weaver and mum of 2, Amélie Zerr sure knows how to invite warmth into her home through her clever use of yarn accessories, ceramics and plants. And what makes her decor even more special is that many are handmade by herself! Her bright woven pieces (mostly in our favourite ochre colour!) adds texture and pops of colour to the white-washed walls and wooden flooring of her Parisian apartment. We had a chat with Amélie and tapped into her insights when it comes to decorating her home.

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1. Tell us more about your beautiful home?
We moved in last year into this bigger flat after our second daugther was born. The apartment has the charm of old Parisian buildings with it’s decorative ceilings and old wooden flooring. It’s a really peaceful space to live in and we love to decorate it bit by bit.

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2. What interior style do you like to go for? Where do you find inspiration to style your home?
The interior style that I like is a mix of vintage, bohemian and modern. I do fancy a minimalistic interior, but I have too many items that sparks joy in me to become a minimalist (even though I have recently Mari Kondo-ed my house!). I also love styling my home with a lot of plants to create a airy and fresh atmosphere.

I get styling inspiration for my home from Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and also in real life such as when I visit an art exhibition, or travel to another country. We're planning a family trip to Singapore and Japan in June and I hope I can find items to decorate our place to remember our travels in Asia. The room that I get inspiration to style the most is my daughter’s. Since my first daughter was born 4 years ago, I love to create for her a childhood universe.

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3. Why do you love styling with yarn accessories?
I have always love textiles, yarn and wool. That’s why I chose to became a weaver. I work in a Parisain workshop with 20 other passionate weavers who make huge contemporary tapestries.

4. What’s the most interesting piece of yarn accessory in your home?
It’s a circular woven wallhanging I made one or two years ago. I like to move it from one room to another, to give the walls a different look.

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5. Tell us more about your Etsy shop? What led you to be engaged in yarn crafting?
Since I was a kid, I have always loved crafting, drawing and art. It's my passion! When I was doing my graduate studies in art, I realized that yarn was the best material for me to create. Harold et maud is an extension of my creativity. It's an outlet for me to create freely.

6. Where do you find inspiration to come up the DIY Ideas for your home?
I really like to create handmade accessories for my home because it's one-of-a-kind. Recently, I knitted a wool blanket for my daughters’ dolls. It's was so nice to see the smiles on my daughters’ faces when they received the handmade present. And it's a very special gift. A slow made gift.

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7. What other materials do you love to work with when styling your home?
I like to style my home with ceramics and wood most of the time too. I think they make complementary materials with yarn or other wallhanging items.

8. What piece of advice would you offer to someone looking to style their new home with yarn?
Don't be afraid to mix yarn with other materials or modern furniture. For example, a modern couch matches well with a Bohemian wallhanging even though it might not seem so at first thought!

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Photo Credits: Amélie Zerr

KOEL Interiors: Places With Gorgeous Weaves

KOEL Interiorsirene hoofs

Are you ready for more yarn-filled interior inspiration? We started our series of "Scoured" 2 weeks ago, where we searched corners of the globe for beautiful interiors with yarn crafted accessories. We managed to find some pretty 'koel' places (if we could say so ourselves!) that are decked with macramé accessories, making us go [insert a million heart eye emojis here]. This week we put our detective glasses on for gorgeous weaves that have woven their way into interiors of hotels, cafes and more! We love how the weaves take centre stage in the decor, adding texture and interest to these spaces. Scroll further to get inspired... oh and do share with us if you ever chanced upon any yarn-filled spaces worth checking out!

Copy of spaces-embracing-weaving-4.jpg
Copy of spaces-embracing-weaving-3.jpg
Copy of spaces-embracing-weaving-2.jpg
Copy of spaces-embracing-weaving-6.jpg

No. 4: Weaving by Tanya Aguiñiga at American Trade Hotel

Photo Credits (no.2): Rodolfo Ramirez

KOEL Interiors: Macrame-filled Commercial Spaces

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The KOEL team is always on a lookout for beautiful spaces that are filled with yarn accessories, be it in homes or commercial spaces (just imagine us as yarn interior detectives!). If you already have your hands on KOEL Magazine Issue 2, you will find a special KOEL Guide insert filled with a visual feast of spaces from hotels to restaurants that are embracing the yarn movement. Well, we tried to pack in as many yarn-spiring spaces we found in there, but there's just too many popping up across the globe. So we are filling you in with more visual treats... first up, spaces  filled with gorgeous macrame designs that will make you feel like it's summer all year round.

Copy of spaces-embracing-macrame-6.jpg
Copy of spaces-embracing-macrame-3.jpg
Copy of spaces-embracing-macrame-4.jpg
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No. 3: Cafe Gratitude

Photo Credits (no.1, left): (my) unifinished home

KOEL Interiors: Refresh Your Entryway

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What is the most important aspect of your home? For the KOEL team, after much deliberation we concluded in unison that our pick got to be the entryway of our homes. Entering our home abode with ease and order after a long tiring day is instantly calming for us we think - a place where we know we can get much comfort and familiarity from! Not to forget, isn't our entryway the first thing that our guests see when they arrive? Here are some beautiful home spaces that we are greeted with today! It's great to decorate them with a handmade yarn accessory we think (why not try a hanging weave or macrame art?), or perhaps a statement mirror to check yourself out before stepping out of the house...


No. 2: via inspired by this


No. 3: via SF Girl By Bay


No. 4: via Glitter Guide


No. 5: via A Beautiful Mess


No. 6: via Glitter Guide


No. 7: via Homepolish

What are your necessities for an entryway?

KOEL Interiors: These Kids Rooms Get Styling with Yarns Right

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With the resurgence of yarn crafting, there really is no exception as to where yarn can be found these days. We love the fact that even the kids’ rooms aren’t spared from the knitted, crocheted or woven fibers — because truly what it does is to amp up the coziness factor. Seeing is believing, so have a lovely scroll through these pleasantly cheerful interiors. 

Copy of Koel-website-yarn-kidsrooms-6_f3bb6d33-1682-420f-b08f-795048327f43.jpg

No. 1: via Apartment Therapy
No. 2: via RAFA Kids

To keep the fun for the kids, limit to just one or two yarn accessory per nook.

Copy of Koel-website-yarn-kidsrooms-1_d563fe96-cb21-4460-8414-cc24158f72b3.jpg

No. 3: via The Animal Print Shop

We strongly recommend having a neutral colour scheme to create a classic, understated appeal but by all means, have some fun with colours. We’re loving these hues, perfect for the summer.

Copy of Koel-website-yarn-kidsrooms-3_dbecbd05-767f-4bdc-9732-22ac67ab6917.jpg

No. 4: via Cuckooland

Why not swap the regular rug for a sweet, vintage vibe. This pastel crochet circle works well against a clean, modern backdrop.

Copy of Koel-website-yarn-kidsrooms-5_fa7cd254-0693-44cf-a6c0-391e97e3a383.jpg

No. 5: via Sissy + Marley
No. 6: via oh.eight.oh.nine

Functionality ranks high in a space for kids. Everything should have a dual purpose. Besides being stylish, the favorited knit blanket helps keep the young’uns safe and warm, while the pouf is an excellent alternative to a stool.

Featured image by The Animal Print Shop

KOEL Interiors: Crochet Accessories for the Modern Home

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A modern-looking crochet proves to be a dime dozen. Search up “crochet” on Google and what you’ll find is a flurry of bright images, with colour combinations that bring you right back to the 80s. Crochet, which literally means “hook” in French, is deemed less popular than their other fibre art counterparts like weaving and knitting. They too, have lesser patterns available as compared to the rest. This makes it much more a rarity to find solid choices of contemporary crochet pieces.

The one factor that sets a modern crochet work apart is the colour palette. Most, if not all, modern crochet pieces are made mono or duo toned. Often times these crochet works adopt neutral palettes, which makes it incredibly flexible for styling. Minimal colour units also ensure and enhance the clean look that one might want to achieve for an updated finish. With that said, the beauty of crochet (and fibre art in general) lies in its versatility. Crochet can be created and interpreted in various forms and sizes — so it’s really no cause of concern if you wish to incorporate crochet into your home, regardless of the interior setting. We’ve dug deep to find you inspiring interiors with crochet pieces, and may have struck gold with these ones.

Copy of Koel-website-crochet-decor-2.jpg

No. 1: via Contemporist
No. 2: via Stijlvol Styling

Crochets are usually found in rounded forms. There is no right and wrong when it comes to the size of a crochet piece — it just depends on how bold you want it to be. Crochet can be worked into the home as a stool cover, a cushion, subtle as a seat support, or more commonly, displayed in larger variations like the rug.

Copy of Koel-website-crochet-decor-1.jpg

No. 3: via FLAIR
No. 4: via achados de decoracao

Maintain the modernity of your interiors by sticking to similar tones and you’re well on your way to creating the perfect crochet-loving home.

Top image via Stijlvol Styling

KOEL Interiors: 6 Bedrooms Decked with Yarn Accessories We Love

KOEL Interiorsirene hoofs

Yarns in bedrooms might be a familiar sight of your grandparents’ home from when you were little. Here at KOEL, we want to show you that yarn can belong in your sanctuary. It’s the reason we even started KOEL: to stylishly bring yarn and interior decor together. We know … yarn can be a little unappealing because it’s almost always associated with the elder folks, with their passion to knit and crochet and weave anything and everything under the roof (and more, if time permits!). Your space though, need not be as outlandish – because KOEL believes in balance. Too much of anything isn’t good for any of us! We’ve found a couple of inspiring cues you should definitely heed… Scroll down for styling ideas to steal for a gorgeous yarn-decked bedroom.

Copy of Koel-website-yarn-bedrooms-1_212b0ba0-55ed-4a52-8684-0fb97d54f9f3.jpg

No. 1: via Frida Ramstedt
No. 2: via Deas Og Mia

Once upon a cold, wintry day, chunky knitted throw-overs will be your best friend. You won’t be able to imagine life pre-knitted throw-overs in fact. You will make them your bedroom staple, with its soft and warm fibres. They’d be the reason you’d never want to leave your bed, and in turn, they will never leave your space. The catch is to keep it chic by selecting a neutral yarn colour that goes well with your interiors. When in doubt, go for the grey. A good shade of grey instantly adds coolness, we guarantee.

Copy of Koel-website-yarn-bedrooms-2_afb74e56-1b3f-468b-83d9-376f7a3142f8.jpg

No. 3: via Elizabeth Roberts
No. 4: via Apartment Therapy

Macrame, the perfect ingredient for a touch of bohemia. Showcase your greens in a different way by hanging them from the ceiling instead of simply displaying them on the bedside table or juxtapose the modernity of your room with a statement macrame wall hanging piece.

Copy of Koel-website-yarn-bedrooms-3_89e537f5-5c7b-4afe-ab99-7b9af7305eb6.jpg

No. 5: via Norske Interior Blogger
No. 6: via Riikka Kantinkoski 

Wall hangings are becoming a quick trend that’s taking over the Instagram and Pinterest pages fibre by fibre. Layered textiles are definitely in, so don’t hold back on experimenting. If you’ve got a lot of wooden furnitures and floors, add charisma into your bedroom with the tender appeal of yarn.

Top image via Norske Interior Blogger