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KOEL Interiors: These Kids Rooms Get Styling with Yarns Right

KOEL Interiorsirene hoofs

With the resurgence of yarn crafting, there really is no exception as to where yarn can be found these days. We love the fact that even the kids’ rooms aren’t spared from the knitted, crocheted or woven fibers — because truly what it does is to amp up the coziness factor. Seeing is believing, so have a lovely scroll through these pleasantly cheerful interiors. 

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No. 1: via Apartment Therapy
No. 2: via RAFA Kids

To keep the fun for the kids, limit to just one or two yarn accessory per nook.

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No. 3: via The Animal Print Shop

We strongly recommend having a neutral colour scheme to create a classic, understated appeal but by all means, have some fun with colours. We’re loving these hues, perfect for the summer.

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No. 4: via Cuckooland

Why not swap the regular rug for a sweet, vintage vibe. This pastel crochet circle works well against a clean, modern backdrop.

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No. 5: via Sissy + Marley
No. 6: via oh.eight.oh.nine

Functionality ranks high in a space for kids. Everything should have a dual purpose. Besides being stylish, the favorited knit blanket helps keep the young’uns safe and warm, while the pouf is an excellent alternative to a stool.

Featured image by The Animal Print Shop